Shoemaker Performance ProTune

Introducing our Shoemaker Performance ProTune Custom OS

This add on is brought to us by our good friends at PCMtec

Now you can have multiple maps, flex fuel, rolling antilag and more!

This is applicable for 2015+ vehicles
Currently we are only supporting SCT or direct flash with applicable j2534 pass-thru cable for 2015-2017GTs and all GT350

2018+ and newer vehicles have the option for both HPtuners and SCT devices for this add on. 

What advantages does this provide? Now you have the ability to cycle through multiple maps using your cruise control buttons and tach. No more loading a 93 or E85 tune at the gas station. Simply select the map you want via the cruise control and tach and go.

This also brings rolling antilag for you turbo guys. A huge benefit while roll racing! 
Selectable octane is currently available, meaning you can set your ethanol content using the speedometer (10MPH for standard 93, national E10, or 85MPH for 85% ethanol)

We are currently finishing up testing for a real flex fuel using a sensor which will be available soon. In the end you will just fill up with whatever fuel you want and the ECU will adjust accordingly and you will be able to display what the ethanol content is via the cluster.

If you are interested in this update, it is available under the forced induction options  for 2015-2017 Mustang GT/GT350, 2018+ Gen3 mustang GT and 2020+ GT500!